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HPC Capital is a Hamburg based independent investment company that specialises in the development of tangible assets for private and institutional investors in innovative asset classes.

Since its inception in 2002, HPC has launched six equity-only funds in the asset classes of Infrastructure, US Commercial Mortgages and US Secondary Life Insurance Market, with currently approx. USD 230 million equity under management.

Presently we are preparing new investment offers for you. As an innovative investment company, we are constantly in search of new and interesting asset classes for our investors.

You can contact us Mondays to Thursdays between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm and Fridays until 4:00 pm at +49-40-3999770 or info@hpc-capital.de.


Our asset classes

US Secondary
Life Insurance Market


The United States are the world´s largest life insurance market. In the USA, life insurances usually do not serve as retirement provisions, only to cover individual risks. Therefore, the insured often do not have any interest in continuing their insurance contracts when their personal circumstances change. By selling their policies, insurance holders generate higher proceeds in comparison to the relatively small surrender value they would obtain when cashing in their policies.




Infrastructure investments are the basis of well structured investment portfolios

No container without a ship, and no ship without a port. This principle can also be applied to capital investments. Just like infrastructure forms the necessary basis for a functioning economy, investments in infrastructure are the basis of all investment opportunities.

Investments in infrastructure are investments in tangible assets like ports, airports, toll roads, utility companies, schools or other essential facilities.

As an investment in stable value assets, infrastructure is well-suited to balance an investment portfolio and is an appropriate means for risk diversification.

US Commercial Mortgages


The US mortgage market is the largest and most important of the world. The HPC US Commercial Mortgage funds have allocated real estate collateralised commercial loans to borrowers in the United States.